Why it is important to get Asbestos removed ASAP

Asbestos is no longer found in modern construction products, but homes that were built before the 1975 may contain products with this dangerous fiber in them. Products that may contain asbestos in them range from vinyl floor tiles, glue that holds tiles to the floor, plaster, duct insulation, roofing material, and many other parts of the home. However, Asbestos is mostly found in thermal insulation between walls and ceilings, as well as in boiler and pipe insulation. You can take the help of house demolisher in Melbourne to have hassle free asbestos removal.

Living in a home with asbestos poses a health risk that must be eliminated right away. Home owners and their families with asbestos in their home will be exposed to harmful fibers when breathing. At low does, these fibers aren’t that harmful. But living in a home with asbestos, with daily contact, will allow the fibers to build up in your lungs which can cause lung cancer and many other health complications. Concrete removal in Melbourne is another important aspect that needs to be considered at the time of demolition.

Asbestos patients are so widespread, and so is the risk of having it in your home, that it has even been given a condition name: Asbestosis. This condition is the permanent scarring of lung tissue caused by being exposed to asbestos, which in time creates other health complications and sometimes even leads to death.

In addition to causing lung scarring and cancer, asbestos exposure causes loss of lung function, right sided heart enlargement and then failure, mesothelioma (cancer of the lungs or abdomen), laryngeal cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, ovarian cancer, and kidney cancers.

Taking the Right Step in Removing Asbestos

As a homeowner that already knows their home contains asbestos, it’s advised to have asbestos removed as soon as possible by specialists. Trying to remove the asbestos yourself could release even more fibers while crumbling or breaking the product which contains asbestos.

If you don’t know if your home contains asbestos, and it was built before 1975, it’s important to have it inspected to be sure that you’re safe. Home owners after 1975 may still have some sort of product with asbestos in their home, but it’s much less likely than the homes built before 1975.

Since asbestos is a life-threatening material, we treat it as an emergency. This means that we can remove asbestos safely from your home within days, and not weeks, so that you and your family can continue on undisturbed.

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