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When is it time to replace your guttering system?

Gutters form a major portion of homes. These become necessity for those who are living in areas that encounters heavy rainfall. The water gets accumulated on the roof and it needs to be drained off. No matter how hard and frequently you clean your gutter on regular basis; it still can get affected by dust particles and debris. At times roof gets clogged irrespective of sturdy gutter covers and guards. So it’s a responsibility of every home owner to inspect the gutters for smooth functioning of the home. In this article we will put some light on instances where it becomes highly important to replace the gutters instead of repairing them.

  1. Holes

If you own a home make it your full time responsibility. As soon as you detect a hole on the seamless surface of the gutters, it’s time to take a call. Either repair or replace it. Such a situation awakens you to get in touch with professionals who will resolve the issue in fraction of minutes. The hole is not recommended because it causes the water to flow down through walls which can hamper the overall structure of the house. If walls are made up of roof it will cost you more than you can think of. The best thing is replace the gutter causing problem by contacting gutter replacement companies in Melbourne.

  1. Dust Particles & Rust

Dust Particles accumulate consistently and hamper the functioning of the guttering system. Moreover, if your gutter is made up of galvanized steel or something similar material then it can produce rust over the period of time. Rust is detected as reddish stains that forms in the metal due to water trapped inside the gutter. Rust should be taken seriously as it weakens the material and makes it fragile. If not detected on time, rust can produce holes.

  1. A large number of cracks

Most of the times people are ready to spend on buying expensive clothes than on guttering system. Few times only cracks in the gutter can be fixed by making use of flashing and sealant. But if you notice more than dozen sections facing the same problem then it’s time to replace your gutter.

  1. Flooded basements

Is your basement always remaining full of flooded water? If yes, then it’s time to take an action. Water pouring consistently from other places accumulating into your basement can cause serious damage to the house. It can shake the foundation so it’s better to replace the gutters than investing money on repairing them.

  1. Exterior paint damage

The color and paint of the house makes it different from others in the neighborhood. If your paint constantly getting affected by water leakage then it’s time to give a call to guttering contractors to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

There could be other factors as well including multiple leakage, detachment of guttering fasteners, curling and blistering on the edges, sliding and trim damage and more. So it’s better to inspect your house on weekly and monthly basis for healthy living. Living alone and still finding it tough to tackle the problem on your own? Do not worry. Australian Roofing Group exists to put an end on your guttering worries. Our staff knows what sort of gutter needs replacement and repair and ensures completion of projects on time. Gutter replacement by Australian Roofing Group is one good example of professional Roofing and Gutter services in Melbourne, check them out if you are considering a professional service provider.


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