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To Top It Off – Selecting the Colour of your New Roof

If you’re thinking of installing a new roof  you have probably thought about what kind of materials you would like, but have you thought about colour? That’s right, the colour! Go ahead and look at your neighbour’s roofs. Sometimes it’s surprising to look up and realise that roofs come in a variety of colours and can really be a great asset to your home. So how do you decide which colour is right for your home?

First of all, how dominant is your roof? If it is a fairly dominant feature of your house a dark or bold colour could take over. In that case, you may want to stick with a subtle colour. In cases like this a warm colours like Pale Terracotta, Apricot, or Arizona would look nice. You could also choose a cool colour like Birch Grey, Beige, or Ghost Gum.

Next think about your surroundings and within what kind of location you live. Is your house in the middle of a lot of greenery? If it is, you will want to pick colours that are natural like your scenery. Homebush, Mist Green, Valley Brown, Sherbrooke, and Tan are all great natural choices. If you are near the water, on the other hand, you may want to play that up in your choice of a roof colour. In that situation, blues and grays are very nice. Mountain Blue would add a great dramatic touch to your ocean side home and various shades of red look great in a city setting. From Homestead to Tuscan Red, to Autumn, to Rich Red, or even Rust or Burgundy, being traditional doesn’t mean being boring. Do you want to make a statement in the suburbs? Deep Burgundy, Chocolate, Bluestone, or Dark Charcoal could be perfect for you.

Are you wondering how to incorporate that colour into the rest of your house’s look? Most importantly, don’t overdo it! Your roof is already a large area, so that’s a lot of one colour. Aim to make three small things around your property the same colour as your roof. Coordinate small areas rather than your entire exterior, perhaps the window frames trim, the front fence, the front door or your mailbox. Get creative, could the walkway up to the front door sport the same colour as the roof? Just try to spread the colour out throughout your property.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the task, though. A good roof restoration company does more than just work on roof restoration, roof repairs, and roof replacements. They offer good customer service, too. Clean You Dirty Roof is a roofing online resource that will help you through the whole process. And that includes consulting helping you select the right colour roof paint for your house. So you will be “Keeping the Weather Away” in style for years to come!

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