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Find the best roofing choice for your home

There are number of factors that influence your roofing choice including roofing material, colour, texture, cost and climate. With wide number of roofing materials available in the market it becomes highly intricate to make the best choice for your home. No doubt roofing structure makes an architectural statement. In fact, roofing architecture defines the complete outlook of the house and sets it for ride along with other elements of the house. In this article we will emphasise on different roofing materials that can prove highly beneficial for your house.

  • Metal: This sort of roofing material is easy to install, rugged and cheap in price. It lasts for long and offers various choices to make from galvanised metal to copper. Availability of different metal shingles makes it a preferable choice and it can last up to 50 years.
  • Concrete: This kind of roofing is best recommendable for people who want to achieve stunning look on terracotta roofing material within specified budget. If properly taken care of, these roofs are the best choices and ensure durability as well. As these are heavy in nature, strong support is required for their survival.
  • Rubber: It has always been an eco-friendly choice for home owners. People usually opt for it because it lasts for decades and can be recycled. There are fewer chances of cracks and fissures when it comes to deal with rubber material for roofing structure. In comparison to other roofing materials like slate, this is easy to install and cost less even if you hire a roofing contractor.
  • Zinc: With long lasting capability of 70 years in the humid environment, Zinc roofing is a cost-friendly choice for home owners. Highly recommended for residential and commercial clients, these roofs need no maintenance for long period of time. There are many companies which can offer zinc roofing solutions in Melbourne, be it about installation of zinc roof and zinc cladding systems.
  • Asphalt Shingles: The most common and preferable roof coverings are asphalt shingles. It costs very less and comes in variety of colours and styles. The shingles promised to last for about 20-30 years and it seems to be a good investment. You can always use asphalt shingles to improve the architecture of your house by making it stand out from the crowd. These generally look like slate or shakes.
  • Steel- In Australia, the concept of steel roofing is very common. Generally known as colorbond roofing, these are inexpensive in nature and stands for long. Available in huge variety of colours and styles you can find one that fulfils your house requirements.
  • Slate: These roofs are expensive in nature so if you’re budget permits you can surely consider it a good roofing choice for your abode. These are impressively aesthetic in appearance and extremely durable.
  • Wood: If you want to give an old and smart look to your house then opt for wood shingles. Wood is a substance that never disappoints you and let the air circulate in the most significant manner in your house. But unlike other roofing material, wood shingles requires a lot of care and maintenance.

Apart from roofing materials, the style of house, structural guidelines and cost should be considered too. For instance: An old Victorian structure house would look stunning with the choice of galvanised or terracotta tile. Likewise, it won’t be a good decision to make use of concrete tile for re-roofing purpose. The structural guidelines are equally important to determine whether house structure is strong enough to support the weight of the roofing materials or not? Finally budget is something that you keep an eye on while making the roofing choice. Obviously, it’s accentuated as you’re going to invest your hard earned money on something that will safeguard your house from heat, dust and debris.

With passage of time people have become smart and making awesome roofing choices. However, if you still need more advise on it then do not hesitate to knock our door at Big Apple Roofing. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who have plethora of skills in advising you about the pros and cons of above mentioned roofing materials. If you are in Melbourne and looking for either Gutter repair or Roof Restoration services we recommend Australian Roofing Group.

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Welcome to the Roof Resource

Welcome to the clean that dirty roof blog and we are glad you are here to learn and share with other people engaged in the trade. Watch this blog for regular updates and posts closely related to home renovation and maintenance. A complete blog and resource dedicated to repairing, restoring, safeguarding and maintaining your home roof and related aspects. the blog focuses on tips and tricks for contractors and home owners. Stay tuned and watch this space for regular updates regarding home improvement and especially roof repair, restoration and improvement.

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Restoring a Roof with Terracotta tiling

Tiles of terracotta are made of shale’s and natural clay. They are prepared in a kiln fire. This preserves their colour and makes them more durable in nature. But this does not mean that they are not prone to damage. These types of tiles are far easier to restore than other tiles. This means that you will be able to keep your costs for roof restoration relatively low.

How to Clean a Terracotta Roof

Step 1: Replace Broken Tiles and apply Anti-fungal Treatment

The first step is looking for and replacing all the tiles which have been broken. You should get tiles which look the same as your previous tiles. The next step would be to paint an anti-fungal, bio-degradable, non-toxic on the roof. This will destroy all the occurrences of fungus, moss & lichen.

Step 2: Pressure Wash, Make Minor Repairs and Paint if Necessary

The next step is pressure washing the terracotta roof and the drainage system all around your home. After having washed them, you will need to repair all the lessened bedding, capping and gabled irons. After this you should treat your valley irons with an etch primer. You can then paint them in the same color as the installed tiles. Replace all the broken patterns which you can see.

Step 3: Apply Pointing Agent and Clean Roof and Guttering

After this you should apply an acrylic pointing agent to your capping and gibe ends. You can choose to repair or replace the lead flashings, depending on your roof restoration budget.  When everything is done you should clean the roof with your air blower and paint on some clear stop for shine. Then clean the gutters again to remove any dirt that might’ve landed. You can even get your terracotta roofing inspected by professionals, if that suits your budget.

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