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Restoring a Roof with Terracotta tiling

Tiles of terracotta are made of shale’s and natural clay. They are prepared in a kiln fire. This preserves their colour and makes them more durable in nature. But this does not mean that they are not prone to damage. These types of tiles are far easier to restore than other tiles. This means that you will be able to keep your costs for roof restoration relatively low.

How to Clean a Terracotta Roof

Step 1: Replace Broken Tiles and apply Anti-fungal Treatment

The first step is looking for and replacing all the tiles which have been broken. You should get tiles which look the same as your previous tiles. The next step would be to paint an anti-fungal, bio-degradable, non-toxic on the roof. This will destroy all the occurrences of fungus, moss & lichen.

Step 2: Pressure Wash, Make Minor Repairs and Paint if Necessary

The next step is pressure washing the terracotta roof and the drainage system all around your home. After having washed them, you will need to repair all the lessened bedding, capping and gabled irons. After this you should treat your valley irons with an etch primer. You can then paint them in the same color as the installed tiles. Replace all the broken patterns which you can see.

Step 3: Apply Pointing Agent and Clean Roof and Guttering

After this you should apply an acrylic pointing agent to your capping and gibe ends. You can choose to repair or replace the lead flashings, depending on your roof restoration budget.  When everything is done you should clean the roof with your air blower and paint on some clear stop for shine. Then clean the gutters again to remove any dirt that might’ve landed. You can even get your terracotta roofing inspected by professionals, if that suits your budget.

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