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How to Find a Burst or Leaking Pipe

There’s nothing worse than a leaking water pipe in your house or apartment. Quite often we will be blissfully unaware of there even being a problem while the offending pipe drips incessantly, potentially ruining the surrounding carpet and, worse still, floorboards. A lot of the time actually becoming aware that there even is a leak can be difficult.

Look for Evidence

Usually it is either obvious because of a wet patch in the carpet or a pool of water somewhere, or completely unknown but dripping constantly regardless. One good way to find out is by taking a number of meter readings at a quiet time like late at night and very early morning  when the consumption rate should be low – if the rate of consumption is higher than normal that would suggest a leak somewhere.

Another way to detect leaks is to have a look at all of the water pipes you can find under sinks and toilets, behind radiators and boilers is a good place to start. As well as looking it’s a good idea to get your head as close as you can to each pipe and listen carefully for any hissing noises. Check your roof, gutter replacement could fix a lot of problems. Take the top off of every toilet cistern and have a look at the back of it for signs of leaking water running down the wall.

Wall Leaks

Another tell tale sign can be lifting wallpaper, excessive mould patches and bubbling plaster or painted areas. Pay special attention to hose bibs like the ones attaching the water inlets to the washing machine, listen for the sound of escaping water around the joins. It is always worth checking also all the faucets and shower valves.

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