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5 tips for efficiently cleaning any windows

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are common in most residential constructions. The upper and lower sash glide past one another, allowing both the top and bottom to be opened independently. Some double hung’s are difficult to clean, but other models allow each sash to fold inward for easy cleaning.

– Set a chair underneath the window area with the back of the chair facing toward the window. The back of the chair will support the weight of both window panes while they are open and you are cleaning them. If you do not have a chair available or your chair is not tall enough, support the windows with your hands. The window and painted finish may incur damage if you allow it to hang freely.

– Turn the locking mechanism in the centre of the two sashes counter clockwise to unlock the window. If the latch is locked tight and you have difficulty turning it, press down on the lower sash with one hand and turn the latch with the other. This loosens the grip between the two latch pieces, making it slide easier.

– Slide the lower sash at least 3 inches toward the top of the window. Squeeze the two tilt latches inward toward the window and hold. This will disengage the latches. Gently pull the top of the lower window toward you until it is in a horizontal position. Once the window sash is free from the frame area, release the tilt latches. Releasing them before they are completely free of the frame can damage the painted finish on the window.

– Slide the upper sash down at least 2 inches. Squeeze the two tilt latches and gently pull the top of the sash towards you just as you did with the lower sash. Rest the upper sash on top of the lower sash for support while cleaning.

– Clean the upper sash first to avoid drips or overspray landing on a freshly cleaned bottom sash, which will require you to clean it twice. Once clean, raise the upper sash first and engage the tilt latches. Slide the upper sash back up, then clean and close the lower sash in the same manner. You can also hire house cleaning professionals in Doncaster to avail these services.

Casement window

Casement windows open from the side with a window crank. Because they open to the outside, they can catch the wind and direct them inside. Of course, this asset can also be a hazard if it is particularly rainy in your area. Casements are also very easy to clean because both sides are easily accessible from the interior of the home.

– Rotate the screen clips up and remove the screen.

– Unlock the window. Lift up the lock handle and wind the crank until the window is in the open position.

– Clean the track of the sash with a small paintbrush by sweeping away dust and debris.

– Vacuum any remaining dust and dirt with the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner.

– Mix a bucket of water with just a few drops of dish detergent.

– Dip the sponge mop in the bucket to saturate it and scrub the outside and inside of the glass to remove dirt and grime. Reach up under, or around outside edge of the window to wash the outside of the glass. You may need to use both hands to hold the mop against the outside of the window,

– Wipe both sides of the glass with the squeegee, reaching from under, or around the outside edge of the window to reach the outside of the window. Pull the squeegee over the glass pushing against it firmly to squeeze away soap and water. You may need to do this a few times.
– Use the rag to wipe off the squeegee and repeat the wiping of the window to remove all drops of water.

Fixed window

Fixed windows cannot be opened, but they are very inexpensive and an easy way to add light to a room. These are often used as decorative pieces above other types of windows, such as awning or casements. Fixed windows cover large areas, but are unable to be opened, such are common in office buildings. They are very difficult to clean without the help of a window service or a ladder.

– De-grime the screens. If you leave yours in year-round, give them a once-over now — otherwise, all that dried-on dirt may blow into your house the first time you open the windows for ventilation. The good news: You don’t need to take down the screens and hose them off. Just run your vacuum with its dusting-brush attachment over the side that faces in. (Side to side, top to bottom is the speediest method.)
– Make the glass gleam. For windows that tilt in, washing both sides is a cinch. Spray your cleaner on the inside of the glass until it’s heavily misted but not drippy. Then, with a clean lint-free cloth, wipe horizontally until dry. Tilt the window the other way; repeat on the outer panes, but this time wipe vertically (cleaning in opposite directions makes streaks obvious and easier to zap). For double-hung windows that don’t fold in, slide the bottom pane up about eight inches — so you can reach out and up. Clean what you can; then slide down the top panel to get it from above. Windows crank out or don’t open at all? Clean the insides, then rinse the outsides with a hose. Such cleaning task comes into mind when you’re thinking of hiring or vacating an old house. There’s no harm in giving a call to vacate cleaning melbourne to clean the house.



Bays and Bows windows

Bays and bows extend outwards from the exterior facade of a home. They can create extra storage in a room, ranging from a built in seat to a sunny shelf for plants. Most bays and bows combine two types of windows; fixed for smaller glass pieces, with larger pieces being casement, double hung, or awning windows.

– Bays and bows can be a great way to add a traditional touch to your home. If your facade is lacks ornamentation and is rather plan, adding a bay or bow can create a more polished appearance for your home. If your home is modern in style, there are also bays that will compliment your facade.

– To get your screens really clean you will need to remove them from the window. With windows that tip inward for cleaning, raise the lower window and release the clasp that allows you to tip the window inward. Then release the screen clasp and tip the screen inward and remove it. If you have large windows and the screen cannot be passed through the window opening, you will need a helper outside to remove the screen once you have released the stays or clasps on the inside. If your screens have hardware that must be removed, make sure you place all parts in a zip bag, taking care to label which parts came from which windows.

– Be sure that your work area does not have rocks or other debris that could damage the screen. Make up a solution of dish detergent and warm water in a bucket; or one part ammonia to three parts water, but wear gloves to protect your hands.

– Give the windows a good rinsing with a garden hose or a removable shower head.

– Using a rag or soft bristled brush, gently scrub the screening and surrounding frame with the solution; pushing too hard on the screen can make it sag or rip.

– After all the screens are washed, give them a thorough rinsing. Then gently tap them on the bottom of the bath tub or your outdoor work surface to get rid of excess water. Let them air dry and then replace them in each window and enjoy the view!
– One final tip: There are commercial screen cleaning products that spray on and wipe off, and these are a good option for very large screens that are difficult to handle or screens that are not easy to remove, such as the sliding screen in your patio door.

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How to Tell if Your Glass Needs to Be Replaced

It could simply be that each time you pass your cracked hall window, you feel the draft. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s a sign you are losing energy as well. And if you’re losing it, it also means you are quite literally throwing money out the window. In order to stop this financial bleeding, you should best look to replacing your window glass. If you are in the area and looking for glass replacement Melbourne is the perfect location. There are several options available to you, including double layered thermal windows, sliders, and louvered panels that look attractive while acting as protection.

Splashbacks Glass

How to tell if your glass needs replacing

Most people only think of replacing their window glass if it becomes broken through an accident or after cracking. However, years of grime build up can make an unsightly window pane unusable, and replacing it can actually save you money. Your first step is to stand back and look the window over carefully. If there is a stained layer on the glass that cannot be cleaned off, the window isn’t acting in the proper manner. Not only does the caked grime block heat from entering, but it also acts as a barrier to the outside visually. You’ve spent a great deal of effort on maintaining your lawn and garden, and having an unsightly window just isn’t doing you service.

Updating Windows

It may have been years since you’ve replaced your windows and in that time, technology and manufacturing processes for windows has improved dramatically. Stronger glass designs have been implemented, with safety, security, and function all kept in mind. Double pane glass windows that are vacuum sealed, keep heat and cool air in when needed, as well as keep them out. The glass designs are modernized to look attractive as well as reliable for the budget conscious.Take a quick walk around your home and take stock of your current windows. Do they look attractive? Do the sashes and panes look clean and well-maintained? If the answer is no, it would be in your benefit to contact your local salesman and have them come to your place for a replacement quote. For glass splashbacks Melbourne is a great place to start. You can collect replacement quotes and have new windows in by the end of the week.

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Major signs that it is time to replace your roof

The roof of a home keeps everything underneath it safe and offers a comfortable shade necessary for activities in the home hence the condition of your roof is very critical. To determine if you may need a new roof or undergo routine repairs, always consult roofing contractors in Melbourne. The condition of your roof should always be the most important consideration in roof replacement, but when there is no disturbance to your roof i.e. currently leaking or likely to start leaking, you have some degree of flexibility as to when to replace the roof. However, if your roof is in bad condition and needs replacement you must keep in mind the timing of the roof replacement and the overall cost of the job. The best time to replace your roof actually depends on a number of factors.

Roof Replacement

How old is the roof

The average lifespan of a roof usually ranges between 12 and 20 years. Asphalt shingled roofs generally last a little longer than that. These days, the new types of GAF Asphalt shingled roofs last much more longer when properly maintained. You must take into consideration how old your roof is. It is expected that after many years of being beaten by the sun, rain and other weather elements the roof will develop leaks and torn flashings will start occurring regardless of the roof type. However, how quickly these begin to occur also depends on the maintenance and upkeep of your roof within its lifespan. A roof that has developed leaking points should be replaced rather than repaired.

Number of layers installed

If you discover a large number of missing tiles and torn shingles on your house, it is best to start contemplating roof replacement than repair. Peeling shingles may be due to poor roof ventilation resulting in warm air escaping through the roof. The warm air causes moisture to build up under the shingles and then they starts peeling. Roofers carry out a process called “complete tear-off ” which involves tearing off all the layers and installing new roof framings, then installing new shingles. The kind and amount of layers permitted are usually determined by different city codes and the codes are usually strictly adhered to. Some areas have three layers as the maximum number of layers. Check with a local Melbourne roofing company that is familiar with the roofing codes in the area and also find out about other information from them before undertaking any roofing job.

Conditions of interior walls

The appearance of the interior walls of your house is a pointer to what may be going wrong in the roof. A significant loss of paint and heavy moisture markings along the wall and ceilings may indicate serious leaks coming from the roof. Try and climb up your attic if you have one to find out exactly where the leaks are. A leaking roof may mean time for a replacement. More money will be wasted repairing again and again rather than getting a new roof and having peace of mind when the rains come and a better looking wall.

The type of Weather Conditions

When your roof is being hit by snow, hail, rain storms, tornadoes, hurricanes or direct sunlight again and again, it will soon break down such that it cannot be repaired. However structural damage to the roof usually differs based on prevailing weather conditions in the geographic location and so some damages cannot easily be seen. A professional roofer can help find these damages and determine if you need a new roof. But If severe weather has damaged your roof and exposed part of your house, a replacement will be needed as a simple repair makes no sense.

Faulty Design

If your roof has developed problems when it is not even near half of its life span then it means it may have been improperly installed or constructed with faulty materials. Many roofs come with warranties for the materials used. Check with your local Melbourne roofing company. There are many roofing companies in the area that will do a good job in giving you a solid and durable roof for your house.

It is important for homeowners to take preventative steps to ensure the quality of their roofs. Regular inspections by a professional roofer can help you spot minor problems before they develop into major problems. Proper care and maintenance in addition to keeping your roof clean may also put off the need for a new roof. However all roofs will need to be replaced eventually so it is important to hire a well known roofing professional to get the best job done. You can easily approach roof restoration Melbourne for resolving roofing issues.

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Why It’s Important To Have Your Gutter in Tip Top Shape

Engaging the services of professionals in roof repair Melbourne to quickly fix your leaking gutter will save you a lot of sleepless nights and money.

Unchanneled rainwater can cause an overwhelming problem. When one considers its effects, it is of immense importance to have the gutter of your house in top shape. These effects could be monetary, aesthetic and technical. It is common knowledge that the major function of a gutter is to safeguard a building’s foundation by directing water away from its base. Gutters collect water running off a roof, and with appropriate slopes direct it to downspouts that convey it to the ground, away from your doors, windows and foundation. One of the best ways to protect your home is to opt for zinc roofs. These roofs last for long in the humid environment. Moreover, there are several companies offering zinc roofing solutions in Melbourne, you can approach them.

A gutter is also to keep some parts of the building from getting excessively exposed to water from the roof. If the gutter is not in top shape; there is bound to be water damage, which experience is not desirable.

The water damage could be in the form of backsplash. Backsplash occurs when the falling water from the attics hits the ground with a strong force, thereby leaving stains on your home. Mold can grow on the stained areas of the home. You could decide to repaint or even replace the siding, but that will not last long but gutter repairs.

Where water drops on the ground from the roof eaves will soon experience erosion; in fact, serious ground erosion if not repaired in time. Also if plants or landscaping are under the eaves of the roof, the force of the falling rain water will cause washouts. This will make the beautiful landscaping you spent hundreds of dollars to install get washed away.

Besides, damaged gutters can fill the basement of a house quicker than could be imagined. This however can aggravate the foundation settlement problems; thus defying the main purpose of a gutter that should protect the foundation.

Excess rainwater accumulating close to the house can wash away the soil under the driveways, courtyards, and pathways. Once the essential soil is washed away, the driveways, courtyards, and pathways lose their support. The resultant effect of this is settling, cracking or complete collapse.

In the same vein, the excess water around the house can facilitate termite infestation. As water enables termites to reproduce, it becomes very easy for them to build their colonies around your house, which would be highly hazardous.

Moreover, the cost to be incurred on gutter repairs is much cheaper than the costs of repairing the damaged foundation, repainting the building, repairing eroded driveways and pathways, controlling erosion and re- landscaping. The saying that “a stitch in time saves nine” is really germane in this situation. Keeping your gutter functional will increase your house life and re-installation costs.

In conclusion, contact the experts in roof repair Melbourne today in order to have your gutter in top shape and avert the looming water damage that may befall your house.

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5 reasons to hire a bin

If you’re someone who has been struggling a lot in handling waste material then it’s time to knock the doors of skip bin hire. While most of the people are of attitude that removing waste material is an easy process and doesn’t require any in-depth thinking. There is another group of people who knows how important it is to remove the garbage frequently without any hassle. For instance: Construction of new house leaves heavy debris accumulated at one place. Cutting down the trees also leave a lot of rubbish once you’re done with cutting its branches and hedges. A skip is usually an item where you can keep your trash. If you want to save yourself a lot of frustration, money and effort then kindly think about hiring a skip bin hire. In this article I will highlight some reasons for obtaining skip bin hire services for happy and healthy living.

  • Environment Friendly Waste Disposal

When it’s all about cleaning your home in a magnificent manner,  skip bins hire in Melbourne do this for you. If you look for skip hire companies in the market you will come across commission based skip hire environmentalists. Most of the items get recycled once they reach depot by skip bin hire professionals after they dispose the picked waste.

  • Easy mode of disposing rubbish

After selecting the size of the skip, the chosen skip hire professionals begin their job. Once skip is full they help you in getting touch with organizations to come and pick the waste. It means that you don’t have to solely do the task of collecting and sorting out the waste material as skip bin hire are famous for doing multiple tasking to assist the people. There are plenty of skip bin hire companies in Melbourne that you can truly rely on.

  • Proves beneficial during spring season

Spring is the season when we make various changes to our abode. We want to clean up the entire house and throw our unwanted things. The trash could include doable boxes of rubbish and some sort of appliances which are not entertained in the house anymore. Skip bin hire helps you by keeping the boxed under a bin rather than transporting one box by another to get rid of the trash.

  • No dependency on Transport

Home lovers never run short of ideas to decorate and renovate their house from time to time. Cleaning a house leaves a lot of piles of scraped off wallpapers and timber. If you are someone who highly detest the idea of transporting trash on your own or doesn’t own an audacious car, give a shout to skip bin hire professionals. They will come to your house, manage, sort and clean up the trash and throw it away from the house or wherever you required.

  • Helps you in disposing renovation waste

Many times people don’t think about environment while disposing waste. Cheap skip bin hire are qualified people who knows the ways of keeping environment safe and friendly while getting rid of waste material. While renovating the house you come across a lot of trash and some of it can be recycled. Skip bin hire starts working efficiently to recycle the items which can be used further.
To be concluded, once you are done with analysis of how much trash needs to be taken care of and what size of skip bin hire you require, you can surely join hands with skip bin hire professionals for accomplishing your waste management requirements.

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