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5 things to Know before demolishing your house

So you’re all set to demolish the house you have recently purchased. Demolishing a house is an expensive affair and involves a lot of practical thinking. Obviously you have made a financial and emotional investment in owning a house so every factor should be considered before starting with demolition process. Knowing in advance what your demolition project requires and how the activities will be carried out, you need to be closely involved in the decision making. Instead of do-it-yourself approach, it’s advisable to be in touch with professionals to begin with demolition activities. But before you arrive at a decision there are certain things you should know about demolition and we will unfold the mystery behind them in this article.

  1. Demolition projects are carried out manually as well

There are certain instances where demolition crew has to carry out the demolition process manually. For example: where law and order doesn’t permit the usage of heavy equipments and machinery, demolition crew takes the building apart by hands. So if you have always thought about demolition as heavy machinery process such an activity will clear all of your qualms.

  1. Demolition contractors must be valid and insured

There is no dearth of articles on ‘how to demolish a house’ on the internet. These articles mainly encourage people for do-it-yourself demolition. But have you given it a thought if the problem arises? In such a situation you will have no other choice than getting in touch with professionals. Moreover, you don’t have insurance to handle the demolition responsibilities. So it’s better to hire a demolition contractor who knows in and out of your house and equipped with valid license and insurance. There are many companies providing building demolition services in Melbourne so you can approach anyone of them.

  1. Dealing with Asbestos can put the project on hold

Asbestos should be given proper attention else project can be put on hold for longer period than required. There are many ways to remove the asbestos. If home owner is highly confident in removing them on his own then it can save a lot of time and money. However, if professionals are required then these can be encapsulated to avoid costly inspection. The choice is yours and you can arrive at the right decision by conducting a research yourself.

  1. Standing firm on your decision and bearing patience

After considering the budget your next step should be making a schedule for the demolition process. Scheduling things are more than just a start and end date. Sequencing the tasks will give you a bigger picture of what should be done and in how many days. It also sets up the benchmark to know whether you are heading ahead or lacking behind the designated dates. Starting without a schedule is giving rise to consequences without knowing who will be working on the site and on which day. Bearing patience is equally important as some tasks remain pending due to some legal practices and law. You have to be mentally prepared to accept that and later on make use of the land for which you have hired it for.

  1. Know your hazards and ensure safety

Make sure all the utilities including gas, electricity; water has been turned off before you begin with demolishing a house. The demolition contractors are always ready to do that on small fee basis or you can contact your suppliers for the same. Also ensure safety of the house. Before contractor begins with demolishing a wall, be assured about the electricity wire behind it. Cover up your mouth and ears with mask and cotton to save yourself from the dust particles in the air while demolition process goes on.

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